Back-to-tops help in scrolling of page containing lot of content to display. Back-to-Tops facilitates to use this feature in your web templates and themes. PixelzUI provides three classes.


Following are the three types of back-to-tops.
  1. Square
  2. Semi-rounded
  3. Rounded


Following are the classes to use back-to-Tops in your scripts.

  1. .b2t
  2. .b2t-srnd
  3. .b2t-rnd
=>Other classes are based on color class(es).

How to use

  1. Add .bt2 as class attribute in <div> and add some color class(es).
  2. <div class="b2t bg-bl t-wt br-wt"></div>
  3. Add .b2t-* as extra class.
  4. <div class="b2t b2t-* bg-bl t-wt br-wt"></div>
  5. Add .arw in <a> inside parent <div> and add some color class(es).
  6. <div class="b2t b2t-* bg-bl t-wt br-wt">
     <a class="arw" title="Go to top">&#8679;</a>
=>* means (srnd, & rnd).



Edit Classes

 <div class="b2t b2t-srnd bg-pl t-wt br-bk"><a class="arw">&8679;</a></div>

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